Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS. Douce 292

Evangeliarium (unvollständig)

Lorsch (?) oder Lüttich (?), 2. Viertel oder Mitte 11. Jh.

The book of gospels decorated with two full-page miniatures at the beginning of the surviving gospel texts (foll. 6v, 69v), two decorated initial pages (foll. 7r, 70r), and one decorated text page (fol. 7v), is ascribed to or rather associated with the so-called Oudalricus-peccator-Group.
The front cover is decorated with an ivory plate portraying the Maiestas Domini. The plate is enclosed by a gilded metal frame. Both were probably created at the same time as the manuscript itself in Lüttich. In the corners of the frame the four evangelists have been engraved. A depiction of Christ decorates the top side, an angel the bottom, a saint, presumably a former bishop, the left side and on the right God's hand is holding a crown over the head of young person with a book in his hand. This book, which the saint is reaching out for, represents the codex MS. Douce 292, and is an indication that the young man, presumably a king or a royal offspring, is the benefactor of the manuscript. The saint represents the Church, the beneficiary of the gift. Both the saint and the benefactor have not been identified.

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