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wohl Lorsch, 1. Hälfte oder Mitte 11. Jh.

The liturgical illuminated manuscript decorated with five full-paged miniatures, just as many decorated initial pages and numerous initials is ascribed to the so-called Oudalricus-peccator-Group (due to the inscription by a benefactor fol. 1v/2r).
The covers have been decorated with ivory works, presumably still in the 11th century. These were probably made in Franconia, maybe in Würzburg. The front cover depicts the crucifixion, the tomb and the ascension of Christ, the back cover presents a late antique consular or imperial diptych from the 5th century.
Besides the palaeographic adscription the miniature with Archangel Michael (fol. 31v) is of special interest with regard to the origin of the codex as it indicates that the manuscript might have been written for the Abbey of St. Michael on the Heiligenberg close to Heidelberg, a subsidiary monastery of Lorsch.

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DOI: 10.11588/diglit.12717


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