Mainz, Martinus-Bibliothek, Hs. 42

Sacramentarium Gregorianum Hadrianum

Westdeutschland oder Rheinland (?), (wohl 1. Hälfte) 9. Jh. (Fasz. Ia, Palimpsestfragmente)

The manuscript is compiled of several originally independent parts: Fascicle Ia (p. 1-164) was written presumably around 1200 in Arnstein on the Lahn River (or in Steinfeld in the Eifel ?) as well as fascicle Ib (p. 165-204); Fascicle II (p. 205-254) was written in the 13th century in Arnstein, fascicle IIIa+b (p. 255-358) in the 13/14th century, also in Arnstein.
For the first part palimpsest leaves (p. 39/40, 43-46, 49/50, 55/56, 59-62, 65/66, 69/70, 73/74, 79/80, 83-164) were used, which derive from a sacramentary written in a gold uncial script in the 9th century in West Germany or the Rhine region. Maybe this sacramentary had once belonged to Abbey Lorsch. Historical palimpsest photographies are today held at the Martinus-Bibliothek (Hs. 42a).

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