Wien, Österreichische Nationalbibliothek, Cod. 515

Annales Laureshamenses; "Christus und die Samariterin"; Nicetas Remesianensis (?)

Oberrhein, vermutl. Alemannien, um 800

Although the manuscript was not written in Lorsch, and also was never in the possession of the monastery, but with the “Lorsch Annales” it holds a significant historical source on the Carolingian period, which possibly goes back to the Abbod Richbod of Lorsch (784-804).
Amongst others the manuscript is an important testimony to the coronation of the Emperor Charlegmange in the year 800 (foll. 3v/4r). The account was written in the year 801, as the day of the coronation, 25th December, was regarded as the first day of the year. Furthermore, the slender codex contains the poem “Christ and the Samaritana" a significant testimony to Old High German lanugage (foll. 5r u. 4v).

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