Wien, Österreichische Nationalbibliothek, Cod. 806, foll. 1-54


De ecclesiasticis officiis

Lorsch, 1. Hälfte 9. Jh. (10./11. Jh.)

Vienna, ÖNB, Cod. 806 is a compiled manuscript, with in total 197 leaves (including flyleaves), consisting of several originally independent parts (fascicles and fragments).
Fascicle I (foll. 1, 1*, 2-51/54) holds Isid. eccl. off.: The first part (foll. 1r-39v) was written in the 1st half of the 9th century in Lorsch, the rest (foll. 40r-51r) was added in the 10th/11th century. The catechist texts on foll. 51r-54r were presumably added in the 11th century.

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DOI: 10.11588/diglit.7467


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