Frankfurt a.M., Universitätsbibliothek, Ms. Barth. 179

"Lorscher Rotulus"

Lorsch, wohl nach 843 bis 876

The "Lorsch Rotulus" is a unique liturgical scroll from the Carolingian era compiled in a region north of the Alps. Due to the round 530 intercessory prayers to saints the rotulus is one of the longest Carolingian litanies.
The name of Lorsch’s patron Saint Nazarius is inscribed in golden majuscule script (recto, l. 28, left column). Amongst the intercessions is one for the Eastern Frankish King Louis the German (+ 876), his wife Hemma and their descendants: ut Hludouuicum regem perpetua prosperitate conseruare digneris ... ut Hemmam reginam conseruare digneris ... ut nobilissimam eorum prolem in salutem populi christiani conseruare digneris, te rogamus (recto, l. 232-235). Louis' name is highlighted with a golden cross.
The additions on the reverse side (10th and 11th century) are not from Lorsch. Below them is a treasure index of the Salvatorstift in Frankfurt on the Main, where the scroll had been kept since the 10th century.

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