Innsbruck, Universitäts- und Landesbibliothek Tirol, Fragm. 2

Homiliae et Exegetica (Fragment)

Rheinland, 1. Hälfte 9. Jh.

Two horizontal parchment strips from a double leaf (with “Streifen 1” (strip 1) from the middle and “Streifen 2” (strip 2) from the bottom edge of the double leaf) hold texts from Beda, Homiliae evangelii, lib. II, hom. 23 (the leaf broader in width) and Beda, In Lucae evangelium expositio, lib. V, cap. 12, 16-17 (the leaf of which only about a quarter has survived).
Belongs together with Copenhagen, Kongelige Bibliotek, Fragm. 2801 (olim 19/IV).

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