Vatikan, Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana, Pal. lat. 24

Biblia, Libri sapientiales et didactici

Italien, 7. Jh.

The manuscript written in uncial script was originally compiled in the 7th century in Italy. In the 8th century the leaves 1-8, 17-37, 54-71 were renewed, presumably in Lorsch. The leaves 9, 16 are written in the younger Lorsch style of the Carolingian minuscule and were included into the manuscript in the 9th century.
For the older parts of the manuscript palimpset folios were used. They derive from all in all ten codices from late Antiquity (3rd/4th-5th/6th century) holding texts by Roman classics. Amongst them are among others the only surviving fragments with texts by Livius and Seneca. The end and the beginning of two speeches by Cicero can still be read on the digital images: 123va ... M. Tullii ... oratio 128ra ... explicita ... Incipit ... Roscio

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