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Terms of use for Digital Images from the Stadtbibliothek/Stadtarchiv Trier

The manuscript Ms. 137 olim 133, Schatz Nr. 65 is the property of the Hohe Domkirche zu Trier (Domschatz). The digital reproductions were made by the Stadtbibliothek/Stadtarchiv Trier.

The digital images from the Stadtbibliothek/Stadtarchiv Trier may

  • not be used for commercial purposes. Their use is solely permitted for private purposes. The user may read the digital images, link to them, download and print them for his/her personal use.
  • not be published or provided to third parties for further use.
  • not be copied or reproduced in any way.
  • not be changed in any way.

Further Use

For further questions regarding the terms of use as well as the prices for reproductions please contact the Stadtbibliothek/Stadtarchiv Trier directly via mail or email.


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